Wei Teh Flavour & Fragrance biotechnology corp

A Leading Taiwanese Enterprise in Flavor & Fragrance R&D for A Half Century

Flavor and fragrance embody the most beautiful realm of realization and ideal in humans’ sense of taste, and the flavorists’ creation for the ultimate significance can truly express the most original, exquisite aroma of foods and desire in the world.

Founded in 1972, Wei Teh’s founder further delves into each aroma of foods to develop distinctive acuity little by little. For nearly half a century, Wei Teh through the ISO and halal certification has held firm to its corporate culture of “sincerity, professionalism, constant excellence.” 

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Wei Teh Flavour & Fragrance biotechnology corp


Wei Teh’s top-notch flavorists of the half-century R&D team have designed various taste experiences by looking at all possibilities of abundant flavors for foods that enhances the superior flavors of your foods and add the key aroma to them based on the liquid, powder, paste and microcapsule in diverse types.

Our R&D team also accurately looks at the aroma in different levels arising from the same ingredient but in different varieties and cooking methods to interpret the expression of exquisite sense of taste.


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The existence of pleasant smell nourishes people’s features of life every moment and even relax and ease their bustling senses every day. Having extracted the nature breath of seasons, following a search for the fragrance from nature flowers, plants and woods or scents of beauty to create the ambient situation.

Wei Teh’s daily use chemical essence lab is creation sanctuary for artists of smell to explore thousands of ingredients for fragrance aesthetics that professionally creates ingredients of essences widely used in cosmetics and skin care products, shower and hand-wash products, spatial fragrance, top perfume to increase distinctive added value for products.


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A Half Century of Heritage to Sustain
the Essence of Flavor and Fragrance

Accumulate years of experience in extracting extracts from natural flavors

Sustainable Development and Support for Environmental Protection

As a leading industry in flavor and fragrance Actively engaged in environmental preservation efforts as part of its corporate social responsibility

As a leading industry in flavor and fragrance, Wei Teh has actively engaged in environmental preservation efforts as part of its corporate social responsibility

Wei Teh has ensured its compliance with the advanced international environmental-protection standards, and the plant will implement environment safety management in R&D and production comprehensively. In addition to the rigorous environmental pollution control and regular implementations of inspections through central processing, Wei Teh has built technical cooperation with Academia Sinica to achieve the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction as well as clean production.

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